Friday, November 7, 2008

Gotta Vent!

Ok so my day was part good part hell. So i wake up at 5am to get ready to go to this horse clinic at where i used to work. So i had to unload the hay from my truck and get a shower and get haley ready and my dad was supposed to go with me put he felt sick so he stayed at home. So im driving there and im stopped at a light and all of the sudden i feel a band this lady rearends me she was going around 45 the people told me. SO luckly i didnt hit the guy ahead of me. Haley got startled but was fine but they had to airvac the other lady out cause i guess she was having sezers. So I drive to the clinic and call my incurence about the accedent and they give me this shit about i need to contact the other ladys incurence company and deal with them or give them 500 to do it and my dedutale is 200 dollers i was like wtf, so i just got off the phone with them and went to my clinic with was fun i got to see alot of people that i know and talk to them it was great.Sothen i call my mom to tell her what the incurence company did and she call them and they said who ever i talked to was wrong and for me to call again and make a clam and i got the same damn run around so i had my mom call back and she got an intellgent guy and i got my clam finnaly. So then after wards my mom and i got into a fight about shit that she has no right sticking her nose into. So that was my interseting day what fun.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haleys First Halloween!

So Haley had her first Halloween we really didnt do much cause theres not much to do with a baby in the middle of nowhere lol. We went to my moms work and showed her off. Tnd then we went on a trail ride around the neighborhood to show her off and we ran into another Rattle Snake i swear Haley atracts them or something lol. So nothing too exciting but oh well lol.