Friday, October 17, 2008

I have been tagged

have been tagged for two different memes. This first meme asks that the person tagged has to post the 6th picture in their album. Well, I have over 50 albums, so it was a hard decision to make.but i went with one of haley this is when she was 2 days old it was taken augest 1, 2008 and we were still in the hospital Ok so now i guess i tag people it think
2. allison
3. teenie
4. mich
Now onto meme number 2. I have to post 7 things that are weird and random about me. I also have to post 6 things that nobody knows about me. I don't know that nobody knows, but I can assure you some people probably don't.

ok so weird and random things about me

1. caffine does nothing to me but if i drink seirra mist i got really hyper.

2.if i txt while im in bed it helps me go to sleep

3. i hate tennis shoes i can only wear cowboy boots sandels or flip flops

4. I hate bananas i thew up on them when i was really little and i can stand the smell of them

5. When i was little i took balet classes

6. i know how to do ballroom dacing my grandpa taught me and i used to go to daces with them

7. I love penut butter and pickel sandwiches

Ok and now 6 things people dont know about me.

1. i started ridding when i was 9 and ever since then my horses have been the most importain thing in my life unil i had haley

2. i have alwaysed lived at least 30 min away from any grocery store

3. I had all the boys in my kindergarnen though 4 grade classes trained to run like hell when they saw me cause other wise i would beat them up

4. i sometimes regret leaving my first job because i think if i had stayed there i would be alot further in my horse training

5. i always have done everything to make other people happy instead of me

6. my dream for the future is to one day own a place where kids who have trouble with there family or any problems can come and work with horses and other animals to help teach responsebilty and disiplan. cause i know my horses got me though some of the harest times in my life.

ok so now i have to tag people again so im just gonna make this easy cause im having to one hand it right now and all of you that were taged first are tagged again.

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