Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haley and Rosa meeting for the first time

So yesterday i went to my moms work and one of her co-worker had a baby named Rosa 3 months before i had Haley.So yesterday Haley and I got to meeet her for the first time. It was
to cute we introduced the babys to each other and Rosa kept trying to grab Haley, then Rosa and Haley started talking to each other.After that we switched babys I held Rosa and Maria Held Haley, and Haley got so PISSED that i was holding another baby she gave Rosa and I a death glare for awhile until Maria gave her a bottle then she was ok.It was too funny here are some of the pic we took yesterday


The Smith Family said...

awww beffers!! I love these pictures! sha haley is getting to be sooo stinking pretty! I love the glasses ;)

Allison said...

Haley is so pretty!!! The pics are so cute!

You have been boo'd! Stop by to see!